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Jon Price ~ Crystalline Glazed Porcelain

Jon Price Vases

This past weekend was the Tubac Festival of the Arts. It showcases the work of hundreds of visiting artists, craft persons and musicians from around the country. There’s something for everyone. Richard and I always make a beeline for Jon Price’s booth. Jon is a, Laguna Beach based, potter that creates crystalline glazes on porcelain. His pieces are absolutely stunning. Jon makes a variety of beautifully shaped vases, as well as, hanging ornaments and sink basins.


In addition to being a great artist, Jon Price is a delightfully, charming sales person. It is quite evident that he thoroughly enjoys his art. Enthusiastically, he explains how, by using the right mix of chemicals, along with precisely controlled heating and cooling methods, the crystals grow inside the glaze. As a result, each piece is unique in it’s color and crystal formation. Because both the application and the firing of the glaze is complicated, it has taken years for Jon to master his technique. Over time, he has developed several of his own unique crystalline glazes and he continues experimenting to create ever newer glazes.

Richard and I can’t resist buying a piece from Jon every year. Here’s a few of the pieces we have purchased. This turquoise vase has an overall crystallized pattern and subtle color variations.


I’m attracted to the Jon’s multi-colored pieces like this vase.

Jon Price's vase

I fell in love with this small piece, with its brightly colored bursts of crystals. I have it on my office shelf, mixed in with some other treasures I’ve collected .

Jon Price vase

If I’ve have wet your appetite for Jon Price’s crystalline porcelain, you can visit Jon’s website to learn more about his glazing process, his upcoming shows, and the location of stores that sell his unique wares. Also, Jon has a large collection of his work available, online, through his Etsy shop.

Jon Price



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