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Make Your Own Gift Box


Richard and I are going to a birthday party today. I still have to wrap the present. It’s a small size gift, in a very boring brown box. Not very classy! I’ve decided I’m going to cover the box with a festive, glittery paper.

When it comes to wrapping gifts, I’m all for using what I have on hand. I’d rather put my money into the present than into expensive cards and gift wrap. Today, I’m using paper left over from my New Year’s Eve decorations. The gift I’m wrapping is blue and sparkly, so this paper is perfect. I also lucked out with this paper because it has a grid pattern on the reverse side, making it easy to cut straight lines.

I’m ready to start, but I can’t find my office glue and my paint brushes. I’m going to have to steal some wood glue and a brush from Richard’s workshop (Shhh, don’t tell him!). Now I’m ready!

Here’s how I made my box:


First, I cut a piece of paper for the top and bottom of the box. After thinning the glue with a little water, I coated the bottom and the top of the box with the glue and placed them down onto the papers.


By lifting up one edge of the paper over the side of the box, I determined how much paper I needed to cover the side of the box and the top inside edge of the box. Using that measurement, I trimmed down the paper on all four sides. I did the same with the lid.


Next, I made a diagonal cuts from the corners of the paper to the corners of the box.


I applied glue to two opposite sides of the box, lifted up the paper and pressed it onto the glued sides.


I wrapped the extended corners of the paper around the box and glued them to the side of the box. I also glue together the two pieces of paper where they overlapped.


I brushed glue onto the paper that extends above the box and onto the inside lip of the box, and then. . .


folded the paper over the edge to the inside of the box .


I  cut the other two sides of the paper to be even with the corner edge of the box. I was able to eyeball it, but I could have tipped the box onto it’s side and drawn a line, following the corner edge of the box.


After applying glue to the sides of the box, I folded up the side papers.


I finished the box by gluing and folding the paper over the top edge. I repeated the all the same steps with the lid.


I’ve ended up with a really cute box, but it needs a little dressing up. Fortunately, I have some metallic blue curling ribbon in my gift wrapping box. Being a collector (not a hoarder), I keep little decorative items that I think might be useful someday. I have this sweet little butterfly. I think it came attached to a plant that someone gave me. Anyway, it looks splendid on my present.

My gift box is just a starting point for making your own gift box. I used wrapping paper, but any type of paper will work. Some more creative paper choices might be pages from a book, comic book pages, maps, or pictures from a old calendar. How about using labels off of cans, or fancy candy wrappers.

If you have your own creative gift box ideas, I’d love to hear them.

I’m off to a party!

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