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Cherry-Orange Ham Sauce

Cherry-Orange Sauce

We had a wonderful Easter! I’m still thinking about it.


Richard’s garden is currently in full bloom.


We spent a good portion of the day in the front garden enjoying the fine weather and the flowers.


One of the best things about this Easter was spending it with family. We were thoroughly entertained, all day, by my two year old grand niece. She and Rain became quite attached to one another. They even shared Rain’s bed at naptime!


We had a spectacular Easter dinner based on the Easter Menu that I previously posted . The advanced menu planning really paid off. Although all the dishes from the menu turned out great, the hashbrown casserole and the cola-basted ham were the biggest hits.

Everyone had a second helping and many had a third helping of the Cracker Barrel’s Hashbrown Casserole. I followed Mark Hester’s recipe from However, I knew my sister, Amy, makes this same hashbrown casserole, so I asked her if she had any tips. She said she often adds green onion and parsley; I opted for adding green onion. Amy also felt that the crushed corn flakes did not need 1/4 cup of butter. On her advice, I reduced my butter down to 2 Tablespoons and my cornflake topping was just right, light and crispy, not greasy.

Emeril Lagasse’s cola baked ham was also a winner. Based on my “ham research” for my Easter Menu post, I took my ham out of the refrigerator for two hours before I started baking it. I will continue to do this whenever baking a ham. It took about one hour off the cooking time.  It took exactly 3 hours for my eleven pound ham to bake. I increased my oven temperature from 325 degrees to 330 degrees. With opening the oven to baste every 15 minutes, I figured that the oven would average 325 degrees. For the last 1/2 hour I upped the temperature to 350 in order to bake my potato casserole. By that time, my ham was very brown and cola-crusted so I tented it with foil and left it alone to finish baking.  I only baked the ham to an internal temperature of 335 degrees. It was warm enough to be appetizing and remained very juicy.

By far, the shining star of the meal was Emeril’s Cherry-Orange Glaze. Emeril’s recipe uses this sauce as a glaze for coating the ham, but I felt it was just too good to have only as a ham coating. I wanted to taste the tart cherries with every bite of ham. Consequently, I did not glaze the ham, but rather I served the cherries as a sauce for the ham. The sauce was so good that Richard was not even too upset when I told him I’d used up the last of his Grand Marnier!


Cherry-Orange Ham Sauce

A tart luscious cherry sauce to serve over ham or pork.


  • 3/4 cups cherry preserves (I use Smuckers brand)
  • 1/4 cup fresh orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier (or orange flavored liqueur)


Step 1. Combine the cherry preserves, orange juice and Grand Marnier in a sauce pan. cook over medium heat until the preserves melt. Continue to cook 1-2 minutes to slightly thicken. While cooking slightly mash the whole cherries with the back of a spoon. Serve warm over ham or pork.

Special Notes:

I use Smucker's Cherry Preserves which is full of tart cherries. I also mash the cherries a little bit with the back of a spoon so that there are a lot of cherry pieces and not just a few large cherries in the sauce. Double the recipe if you are baking a ham for a holiday crowd. Don't skip the Grand Marnier!

An Emeril Lagasse recipe posted by Corn Maiden

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