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Sunday Blues


You would think that when you’re retired, every day would be a Sunday. But Richard and I have never been able to wrap our heads around that. Sundays are still the day when we like to get out of the house and do something special, something relaxing. Yesterday (Sunday), when Richard and I agreed we wanted to go somewhere, going “antiquing” was the first thing that came to our minds. We headed for Copper Country Antiques in Tucson.

The best part of hunting for antiques is finding something you love or need. It’s not much fun when you spend an entire day going through antique stores and you go home empty handed. Yesterday, Richard and I each found something we just had to buy. Richard found a vintage metal chair to put in our front garden. It has fantastic old blue paint with contrasting worn rust areas. It’s also very comfortable, which is a definite requirement for any chair. As you can see it fits right into our garden décor.

Both Richard and I collect items that we are personally attracted to, but I always feel that I have to get a bargain in the deal. To me, that’s part of what makes collecting satisfying. I found a wonderful blue and white enamel colander. Its condition is too good for it to be very old, but the enameling is beautiful and the price was so good that I couldn’t pass it up. My new colander also found its way into the garden this morning, as I used it to harvest my ripe tomatoes.


Our friends always ask us where and how we collect the things we have in our home. This is how we do it. We spend our time hunting through antique malls and shops. We might only find one or two things per visit, but over time a collection builds. For us, it’s the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure of taking home something we love.


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  1. Sharon Hines says:

    Damn, kid, this is quite a website! Now I know what you,re doing besides travelling! Love the colander, could be vintage and well loved. Yep, I,m still in VBA, although selling half as much as usual. Hi Richard.
    Love, SH

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