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A Summer Solstice Morning Walk

Sun through trees

Either Richard or I get up early each morning to take our dog Rain for a walk. Today we decided to enjoy taking a walk  together. We got started just as the sun was rising above the mountains.

Tubac Golf Course

 We are very fortunate to live near the Tubac Golf Resort. It’s our little Central Park, a true desert oasis.

 walking path

It was a gorgeous morning for strolling along the golf cart paths.

Reflecting pond

We stopped to admire the stunning reflections in the pond.

frogs in sunlight

We were amazed by the number of frogs basking in the heat of the morning sunlight.

rain relief2

Rain was busy doing what comes naturally.

  Rain Running

She had a grand time running off leash,

rain in mle hole

sniffing in mole holes,

Rain chasing squirel

and chasing lizards up  trees.

Tubac Deli

We concluded our delightful morning with pastry and coffee at our local deli.

Indian motorcycle2

As wonderful as our walk was, Richard’s real thrill of the morning was stopping to admire an impressive “Indian” motorcycle parked in front of the deli. You would have thought he was marveling at Dolly Parton’s bosom the way he said, “Look at that engine!”

All in all, a great beginning to summer.

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  1. Margie Schaefer says:

    Your beautiful images of tubac are so peacefully beautiful. Thank you so very much for posting them. Rain is a lucky dog.

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