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Beginner Crochet: Half Double, Double, and Treble Crochet

learn to crochet

After making my Beginner Single Crochet Potholder, I have the single crochet stitch down pat. I’m ready to move on to half double, double and triple crochet. I’ve found two excellent series of videos that cover beginner basic crochet stitches. One is Beth’s Back to Basics series from Bethintx1. The other is Deja Jetmir’s Beginner Crochet Videos from Crochet Ever After. I will refer to these videos in this post. If you are learning to crochet along with me, or just need a brush up, I suggest you watch the videos a few times.  I have added the videos to my Pinterest board Crochet- Beginner Tutorials. Click on “Lisa – Corn Maiden” to link to my Pinterest board.

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Half Double Crochet

half double crochet

I found half double crochet to be a bit tricky. It took lots of practice before I even started to feel like I knew what I was doing. Both Beth’s three part half double crochet videos and Deja’s half double crochet video were tremendously helpful.

half double crochet

I was having a very hard time pulling the hook through the three loops until I tried Deja’s technique of keeping the crochet hook horizontal and pulling it up “nice and tall”. I noticed that both Beth and Deja hold their crochet work directly under the three loops while they draw the hook through. I tried this and found it really helped to keep the loops stable.

counting half double crochet stitches

The only way I could determine if I was at the last stitch in a row, was to stop and count the vertical stitches from right to left. Even that was hard at first. I could not recognize the two beginning chain stitches, because they tended to curve around the top corner. I kept forgetting to count them as my first stitch. Even though I found half double crochet difficult I did like the way it looked. It created a nice, tight textured surface.


Double Crochet

Double Crochet

Double crochet was a breeze compared to half double crochet. I thought both Beth and Deja had very good tips in their double crochet videos.

Double Crochet Stitch Holes

Beth points out that it is easy to know where to place the crochet stitch because double crochet has the same horizontal threads as in single crochet. The crochet hook goes in the hole right between the horizontal threads.

double crochet pull through

Deja demonstrates how  to pull the hook through the loops in a diagonal direction, not horizontal as in half double crochet.

Double Crochet Stitches

As with half double crochet, I had a hard time determining the last stitch in my rows. I had to stop and count my stitches. This was easier than with half double crochet because the vertical stitches were taller making them easier to see.


Triple or Treble Crochet

Triple Crochet, Treble

I didn’t have any real problems with treble (triple) crochet, since it is very similar to double crochet. However I did notice a couple of things in Beth and Deja’s videos that were helpful.

Holding the yarn

Both Beth and Deja place their index finger over the initial yarn over loops while making the stitch. I found this helps to keep the loops stable and uniform.

triple crochet pull through

As with double crochet, Deja shows how the hook is worked at an angle to the to row of stitches.

The videos have taught me the stitches, but now I want to crochet something. I’m sure I can find a simple pattern on the internet. When I do, I’ll be back to share my next crochet adventure. See you then!


I’m reviewing my crochet post before I publish it and it looks and reads like a text book. Boring! So, here’s a little slice of life to add some levity. Richard and I had our thirty year anniversary this month. We did not celebrate with gifts of expensive jewelry, champagne, or a romantic dinner. We went sight seeing in Tucson. We took a tram ride up into Sabino Canyon. We had gotten off the tram and were out exploring when suddenly we were hit with a monsoon shower. We decided to sit and wait for the tram to come back down the canyon. A tourist came by and took this hilarious picture of us.

30th wedding anniversary

Our official 30th wedding anniversary photo. Even looking at it now, I can’t help but chuckle!

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