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Merry Murder Mysteries

Merry Mysteries2

pine trimYeah, the Holiday season is here. To get in the Holiday mood, I’ve been spending my evenings settled in front of our fireplace with some Christmas cookies, a bit of port, and a few light hearted Christmas mysteries. I’m an avid reader of mysteries. My favorites are classic English mysteries from the 1930’s and 40’s and vintage American detective stories by authors like Dashiell Hammet, Raymond Chandler, Ellery Queen and Rex Stout. Over the years, I’ve expanded my reading to include more recently written mysteries. I always like to read a series in the order it was written. I think this is important for understanding the development of the characters.  But, when I get to a point in a series where there is a Holiday mystery I set it aside to read at Christmas time. This year I have four books to enjoy.


Mistletoe Man

Mistletoe Man, a China Bayless mystery by Susan Wittig Albert. China Bayless is the owner of the Thyme and Seasons herb shop in the town of Pecan Springs, Texas. Before starting her own herb business, China  was a high powered attorney in Houston. China’s best friend, Ruby Wilcox, owns a New Age shop next door to China’s herb shop. She is a mystery buff who is always imagining herself as various, famous, fictional detectives. Together, China and Ruby manage to get themselves involved in a variety of local murder investigations. I enjoy the background story of China’s personal life and relationships. Each book is like catching up with an old friend. The chapters start with a bit of historical information and facts about herbs.

pine trim

Cooked Goose_edited-1

Cooked Goose, a Savannah Reid mystery, by G.A. McKevett. Savannah Reid is a plus size, food enthusiast who loses her job with the Santa Camelita, California police department. She starts up her own Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency. Along with her enthusiastic assistant Tammy Hart, her grumpy former police partner Dirk, and the mysterious ex-FBI agents Ryan and Gibson, Savannah continues on her career of crime solving. The stories are a mix of light hearted humor and serious crime investigating.

pine trimRita Mae Brown

Santa Clawed, a Mrs. Murphy Mystery, by Rita Mae Brown. This series features Virginian, Harry Harristeen, her sleuthing cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and her corgi Tee Tucker. I’ve read quite a few of these and I enjoy the way the characters change and develop through the series. These stories have an underlying Southern theme revolving around the importance (or non-importance) of  heritage, wealth and politics. I’ll admit that I dislike the fact that sometimes the animals perform unbelievable feats, such as driving a car. However, I thoroughly enjoy how the animals view of the absurdities of human behavior.pine trim


O Little Town of Maggody, an Arly Hanks Mystery, by Joan Hess. I love the Maggody series. These stories are laugh out loud funny. The main character, Arley Hanks returns from New York city to her hometown of Maggody, Arkansas and takes on the job of chief of police. Arley seems to be the only sane person in Maggody. The side characters are hilarious and are always up to some crazy, outlandish antics. Whenever I’m feeling down, I pick up an Arley Hanks mystery and take a trip to Maggody. I feel better in no time!

pine trim

“At Christmas play and make good cheer,

For Christmas comes but once a year.”

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