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Working Girl

Creative Cyote Exterior

I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting anything lately. But, I’ve been busy. I’ve taken on a temporary part-time job . My friend and neighbor, Nancy Gammon, has a fabulous shop here in Tubac called the Creative Coyote. Nancy was in a bind when one of her employees quit. I’m helping her out by working through the busy tourist season. It’s been a long time since I’ve held a real job with a boss and a pay check, so I had some reservations when I started. I’ve been working almost two months now and I’m having a really good time. I love the shop, I love the customers and I love working with Nancy and her daughter Sue.

small coyotes

Creative Cyote interior

The Creative Coyote is truly a unique store, packed with a wide variety of merchandise. I admire Nancy’s business philosophy of selling quality items at a reasonable price.  Nancy makes a conscious effort to sell American made items.  Most of the merchandise is handmade or artist designed.


Sabaku Tee ShirtsThe store carries some popular feature items, such as Sabaku Artwear shirts designed by Tuscon artist Nancy Lenches . . .


Laurel Burch handbags_edited-1

Laurel Burch hand bags, . . .


5 mugs

stoneware mugs designed by the Mexican artist Mara, . . .


cutting board close up

and cutting boards featuring the paintings of Tuscon artist, Susan Libby.


south west tshirt

The Creative Coyote also sells a select choice of clothing, and reasonably priced jewelry. However, the stores specialty is applying designs to clothing. Customers choose an article of clothing such as a T-shirt, a sweat shirt, a denim shirt or even a night shirt. Then they pick out a design.


sweat shirts

There’s a wide variety of designs from which to choose. In addition to dozens of ink transfer patterns, there’s crystal designs, metallic designs and embroidered designs.


t--shirt press

Right in the center of the store, there is a big heat press that is used to adhere the designs to the garments. Nancy and Sue are practiced professionals, both at working the press and creating unique designs. I’m still finding the press a bit intimidating. It’s taking me some time, but I’m slowly getting to a point where I feel comfortable applying designs without having Nancy or Sue look on.

small coyotes

Retirement is great, but let’s face it, things can be a bit boring from time to time. So when this job came up out of the blue, I felt it must be meant for me. I’m having a grand time working with Nancy and I’m meeting a variety of customers from all over the country. Of course, the extra money is handy too! For now, I will continue posting whenever I can. So, please,  stay tuned!

creative coyote

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