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Birthday Memories


Yosemite Falls Etching_edited-2

Sometimes things happen so perfectly that it’s hard to believe they are coincidental. Yesterday morning, Richard suggested we go antique shopping. His birthday is this week and he wanted to find a birthday present for himself.  We decided to go to the 22nd Street Antique Mall in Tucson. We spent hours hunting through the mall for some treasures, but we weren’t having any luck. Then, just as we were going through the last few dealer’s booths, Richard found the absolute perfect birthday present, an etching of Yosemite Falls.

When we lived in California, we spent Richard’s birthday, every year, in Yosemite Park. We have twenty some odd years worth of special birthday memories associated with Yosemite.

yosemite falls

Our annual visits would always include a hike to Yosemite Falls,  . . .

mirror lake

a hike to the slowly disappearing Mirror Lake, and a picnic at Happy Isles.

half dome in meadows

We always made a point to visit to the Ansel Adams Gallery as part of our Valley Floor walk.

Awahanee Hotel

Most years we had the pleasure of staying at the Ahwahnee Hotel.

awahnee lounge_edited-1

After hiking all morning we would spend our afternoons relaxing with an Irish coffee and a good book in the hotel’s great lounge.

Ahwahnee dining room

Eating in the Ahwahnee dining room was definitely the highlight of Richard’s birthday. Dinner was always special, but I believe he actually enjoyed the breakfast meals more. Their eggs benedict and their grilled trout with hash were Richard’s birthday must haves.

There are endless special memories that Richard and I have from our Yosemite birthday trips. One year it was unusually warm and we bicycled the eight mile circle around the valley floor. Another year it was dry enough for us to hike up to the Nevada and Vernal Falls. Then there was one year that it snowed so much, we had to forge our own path through two feet of snow to make it up to Yosemite Falls. And, there was the one memorable night when we had a nice romantic dinner in the Mountain Room after which we hiked up to the Yosemite Falls by the light of a full moon.

yosemite w mom and dadI could go on and on. But, there was one other year that stands out as extra special. That was the year when my mom and dad joined us for Richard’s birthday celebration.

Yosemite Falls Etching_edited-2

Now you can see why finding this etching of Yosemite Falls for Richard’s birthday present is so special. Not only is a picture of Richard’s beloved Yosemite, the etching is by a noted German artist Luigi Kasimir (1881-1962). He was among the first to develop the technique of color etching. This etching is one which Kasimir made on a trip to the U.S. to create a series of famous American sights.

It’s still hard for me to believe that Richard found such a perfect birthday present for himself. Even though we are not going to make it to Yosemite for Richard’s birthday this year, we have a beautiful antique etching hanging in our hallway evoking all the wonderful memories of birthdays past.

Happy Birthday Richard!


On a side note . . . 

Crown Ducal Vase

I found something at the antique mall too! It’s this small English, Crown Ducal, chintz vase. I think it’s a little gem.

office art pottery_edited-1

I got it for a song, because it has a small repair along the rim. That’s fine with me. It’s found a home among some other art pottery in my office .


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