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Antique Bird Whistles ~ The Birth of a New Collection

Original Bird Whistle

In the 1960’s my parents decided to add an addition onto their old house. During the demolition they found this object concealed in the old lath and plaster walls. Although no one in our family knew exactly what it was, it was treasured. It occupied a spot on my mother’s dining room what-not shelf. Sometime in the 1980’s, when Richard and I were visiting my parents, Richard noticed the unusual object. He took it down off it’s shelf  and started blowing into it. Everyone in the family thought he was crazy. But, Richard immediately recognized that our family treasure was a whistle.

holding bird whistle

Not only was it a whistle, it was a bird. In no time, Richard had that old bird whistling a happy tune!


Several years ago, my aging parents decided to hand down some of the their belongs to us children. Richard and I received the precious bird whistle. It’s been sitting on our dining room hutch ever since. This past week Richard and I were out antique shopping and we spotted an antique bird whistle collection in a dealer’s display case. We were so excited. We had never seen any of these whistles for sale. We purchased five of the bird whistles.

three bird whistles

There’s three traditional ceramic bird whistles. . .

two bird whistles

along with two unusual whistles. One is cast metal and the other is clay birds standing on wire legs. We view our new bird whistles as precious, 19th century, antiques. However, they were originally made as children’s toys. Richard always has fun playing with his toys! Here’s a video of Richard playing a beautiful, warbler bird song on one of our new whistles.

Antique Bird Whistle #1 from Corn Maiden on Vimeo.


Antique Bird Whistle Collection

As a result of our shopping spree, Richard and I have a small flock of wonderful antique bird whistles. Our little passed down  family treasure now has some very good company sitting along with it on our dining hutch.



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  1. Karen Finlaysonkaren says:

    My dad had a bird wistles like the blue one in the middle onlý his was tan with a lighter clean base. How much is one like that worth these days?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Karen, I’m glad to hear there are other bird whistle owners. I’m not really qualified to give you a value on your bird whistle. I would suggest going onto eBay and looking at the “completed sales” prices. That is a good indication of its true market value.

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