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Texas Rangers

Texas Ranger Bushes

I  knew it was going to be a glorious Sunday when I stepped outside for an early morning dog walk and I was  met by the stunning Texas rangers along our driveway. They were in full bloom.


Texas Rangers driveway

I know they’re just some flowering shrubs. But, I find this rare burst of color in the desert to be overwhelmingly joyful. It’s monsoon season and we’ve been lucky to have a few really good rain storms, which is what the Texas ranger  need to bloom so bountifully. The blooms last only a few days so I was pleased to have a morning walk in which to admire them.


Texas Rangers Camou 2

My dog, Rain, and I took off on a walk through our purple blooming neighborhood. It ended up being one of those memorable walks where I’m continually struck by the awesomeness of nature.


Texas rangers natural

As we walked along, we saw yards that were naturally landscaped to look like purple forests.


Texas rangers w tree

Other yards were more formally presented. Both had their own unique beauty.


prickly pear

Of course there were other attractions that drew our attention, such as this cactus which was exceptionally, loaded with prickly pears. . .



and this gorgeous ocotillo that was glistening in the morning sunlight.


Texas Ranger Blossoms

As we returned home, I could hear our Texas rangers abuzz with bees. The bees were working frantically to collect the flower’s nectar as if they sensed that the life of these blossoms would be very short and they had to make their honey while they had the chance. Such a simple life lesson!


monsoon storm_edited-1Follow up: At 5 pm. Sunday evening  the pelting rain of a monsoon storm destroyed most all of the Texas ranger blossoms. As I said, nature does offer us life lessons.

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