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Tucson Center for Creative Photography

Center for Creative Photography, Tucson

Richard and I have been suffering with a case of the summer doldrums. Tubac, where we live, is a seasonal town. People come here in the winter to enjoy the mild climate. They depart for the summer to avoid the blazing heat. Summer here can be pretty dull. There are very few social activities. We’ve been spending most of the summer cooped up in our house because it’s so darn hot outside. We’ve decided to make an effort to go, in spite of the heat, on a weekly, day trip to visit the Art museums in Tucson. This past week, we visited the Center for Creative Photography located on the University of Arizona campus.


Tucson Cable Car 2

We thought a trip to the University of Arizona would also offer us an opportunity to take a ride on Tucson’s new streetcar system which runs across the campus.


Mercado San Augustin, Tucson

We started our adventure at the west end of the streetcar line at the Mercado San Agustin – Public Market. The marketplace consists of a small, charming courtyard surrounded by several shops and restaurants.


Mercado San Augutin 2

Although the structures are newly built, they have a relaxed, old world feel. We arrived early in the morning just as people were starting to gather for morning coffee. Some folks were enjoying a full Mexican breakfast ordered from Seis’s walkup-window .


La Estrella Bakery

We opted for pastry and coffee from the La Estrella Bakery. They had such an amazing selection of Mexican pastries it was hard to choose one.


apricot danish

I decided on an apricot Danish. I have a weakness for anything apricot. It was delicious! As far as I was concerned, our morning was off to an excellent start.


Tucson cable car 1

We boarded the streetcar right outside of the market. We had a delightful ride across downtown Tucson and across the U of A campus to the end of the line. Then, on the return leg, we got off at a stop near the Center for Creative Photography .


Lucas Blalock corn dishes photo

The Center was featuring an exhibit of photos by three contemporary photographers: Lucas  Blalock, Owen Kydd, and John Lehr.

As we entered the gallery, I was struck by this bold, in your face, picture of corn. Can you believe it? Corn. An additional lift to my spirits for the morning. At first, I thought this was a painting and I wondered what it was doing in a photography exhibit. After a closer examination, I realized it was a photo of those glass corn shaped dishes used to serve corn on the cob. Needless to say, I found this corn photograph, by Lucas Blalock, inspiring.


Owen Kydd Knife photo

Owen Kydd’s photographs were digitally displayed on LED monitors. I had never seen photos shown in this way before. It was as if you were seeing the photos on a high definition TV screen with light projected from behind the image. The lighting made the images very realistic and three dimensional. The images on the screen would change thru a timed sequence of photographs.


John Lehr store front

My favorite photographs in the exhibit were created by John Lehr. He shoots very high resolution photographs of urban facades. He then manipulates the photos in his computer.  I particularly liked this one of a store front. It has very strong graphic and architectural qualities that reminds me of Charles Sheeler’s paintings, which I love.


John Lehr store front w street sceene

I found this John Lehr photograph to be very thought provoking. He has photographed a simple modern storefront, in which the windows reflect a street scene from a bygone era. Maybe that modern store front is located on a street that used to look like the reflections. Compare the beautiful and complex architecture of the old store fronts to the simple modern storefront. Is the modern storefront lacking in comparison?


Sculpture garden chair 2

After an enjoyable morning of admiring photographs, Richard and I took a stroll through the sculpture garden adjacent to the photography center.  In the garden, there was a variety of fancy sculpted chairs. Richard suggested that I sit in one so that he could snap a photo of me. I quickly plopped down in the nearest chair. Egads, I’d forgotten that it was over 100 degrees outside. That bronze chair was hotter than a cast iron skillet on a flaming stovetop! Of course, Richard took this opportune moment to take my picture. To say the least, Richard’s photo is not on par with those we saw at the Center for Creative Photography.



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