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“Amazing” Crochet Ribbed Scarf ~ Working in the BLO

Amaizing ribbed scarf_edited-1

Last fall, I got the bright idea to crochet a vest. Well, as it turned out, I was a bit over optimistic about my crocheting and pattern reading abilities.  The whole thing, from start to finish, was one big fiasco. Most of my time was spent ripping out stitches and starting over. I could only bring myself to work on the vest occasionally, because every attempt was so darn frustrating. I’m still trying to convince myself that the whole experience was good for me, as part of the learning process. 0014286[1]

As a result of my vest debacle, I’m back to crocheting simple things. I’m currently concentrating on scarves. I’m  finding that making scarves is a good way to learn crochet stitches and to practice pattern reading without investing a lot of  money or time in a learning project. And, as a bonus, I’ll have scarves to give at Christmas time to my friends and relatives.

scarf green pillow

This ribbed scarf is all about learning to crochet in the back loop only. When reading pattern instructions this will be abbreviated “BLO”.

Here is Deja Jetmir’s video showing single crochet in the back loop only (sc, blo). This is the stitch I used in my scarf. The scarf is worked lengthwise, rather that across the short side. This creates ridges down the full length of the scarf.

This same method of working into the back loop can be used with a half double crochet stitch (hdc, blo) and . . .

with the double crochet stitch (dc, blo).

scarf colors

This scarf pattern is a free download from the Lion Brand website, pattern #L04407. This site has tons of free knitting and crocheting patterns. This particular scarf is perfect for a beginner, especially if you use the Lion Brand “Amazing”  yarn that is recommended in the pattern. There is a very gradual color change in the yarn, so you are able to create beautiful color stripes without the hassle of changing your yarn colors. That’s great for a beginner!

As you can see from the photos the “Amazing” yarn is soft and a little fuzzy. At first, I thought it might be hard to work with, but it wasn’t. The whole scarf is made with single crochet. There’s no worry about changing or counting stitches. It was a great way for me, as beginner, to develop a rhythm in my crochet and practice working in the back loop.



I must say, it’s a little strange to be sitting here writing a post about a winter scarf when my kitchen thermometer is registering 104 degrees at 5:00 pm. That’s life in the desert! A summer day means rising with the sun at 5 am and getting your chores done before 10 am. A hot summer afternoon is a great time to sit around with a cold drink and a crochet project. The only drawback I’ve found to crocheting in the summer months is that there are no sales on yarn. Gosh darn it!

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