About Me


Wow, I’m starting a blog!  I’ve challenged myself to create my own website. This is no small feat for a non-tech gal like myself. It’s definitely a learning process. Please bear with me, while I struggle to create the site I have envisioned.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my posts.
– – –  Lisa   

My life has always been centered around . . .



 Recently, my retirement life has begun to look too much like this…

lisa in recliner

Hence, I’m starting a “Corn Maiden” website, in order to give my creative juices a boost. In turn, I’m hoping that my site will inspire others to live a more creative life.

I don’t imagine Corn Maiden ever being a polished, professional, magazine style website. Most likely, I will go against all the advice given by experts on how to design, manage and make money off a website. Corn Maiden will, however, be a reflection of myself. 

The recipes are real, everyday recipes that I have made and judge worthy of being made again. The DIY projects are things I have undertaken in the endless venture of remodeling my home. The craft projects are things I have created for myself or friends. The featured artists are friends or persons I come across in my life. Collecting is such an integral part of my life, that it is naturally a theme woven throughout my Corn Maiden site.


Who is Corn Maiden?

zuni corn maidens

 Among indigenous agricultural tribes in North America, the mythological Corn Maiden is believed to be responsible for the origin of corn. Corn is the very symbol of life. Each native culture has their own legend telling how the Corn Maiden brought the gift of corn, the power of life, to their people. 


A  special “thank you” to my supporting cast…